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Most people call me Thomas, well, except Newt, he calls me Tommy. (原作小說第一部—第36章)

Thomas turned to see Newt there, smiling. That grin sent a wave of reassurance through Thomas, as if he were finding out the world was okay again. (原作小說第一部—第29章)

He really likes Newt. If Newt turn on him now, Thomas didn't know if he could handle it. (原作小說第一部—第28章)

He knew if there was anyone who would believe him, it would be Newt. (原作小說第一部—第37章)

He was surprised at his own reaction, hadn't realized how much Newt meant to him until he heard the declaration. (原作小說第三部—第6章)

He found himself thinking of Newt, maybe the one he liked most of all of them (前傳小說:起源—第45章)

“I'm coming for you, Newt.” Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him. (前傳小說:起源—第60章 )

(Thomas最後要進迷宮前的心裡活動,他幾乎主要就是為了Newt而決定要進迷宮的 T///T)


Newt came up to him, gave a sincere smile. “Glad you’re not bloody dead, Tommy. I’m really, really glad.” (原作小說第二部—第39章)

“It doesn't matter...Any of it, because the people we were before the maze, they don't even exist anymore. What does matter is who we are now and what we do right now. You went into the maze and you found a way out.” —Newt (電影第一部—移動迷宮)

“I'm the reason we are stuck out here.” —Thomas

“No, you're the reason we're free.” —Newt (電影第二部—焦土試煉/燒痕審判 刪減片段)

“You can't give up, I won't let you.” —Newt (電影第二部—焦土試煉/燒痕審判 刪減片段)

“We started this together. May as well end it that way too.” —Newt (電影第三部—死亡解藥)

“Please, Tommy. Please.” —Newt (原作小說第三部—第55章 第250頁 / 電影第三部)

“From that moment you ran into the maze I knew I would follow you anywhere, and I have. If I could do it all over again I would and I wouldn't change anything.” —Newt (電影第三部—死亡解藥)



I have to see who's behind that curtain, Thomas thought. He couldn't remember the last time an urge had struck him so powerfully. (前傳小說:起源—第7章)

(此段為Thomas 9歲時第一次在WCKD見到Newt,Newt躺在簾子後面睡覺,而Thomas形容自己從沒有那麼強烈的渴望想看看躺在簾子後面的人是誰)

Thomas jumped at the sound, then stumbled. Newt tripped over him, and then they were both laughing, legs and arms are tangled in a pile on the ground. They were either stressed or starting to crack up. (前傳小說:起源—第32章)


Thomas turned off the feed. He couldn't take it anymore...... And he couldn't bear to watch one more second of it. 

Newt, Newt, Newt, Thomas thought, feeling as if the very air around him were turning black. (前傳小說:起源—第52章)




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